NOW Camp sets itself a part from many other organizations like it because of the

unique culture it has created.


We were founded on a principle of collaboration and uniting the church

for one common goal and purpose.

To make His name known and to glorify Him for all the world to hear.​ 

NOW Camp has done all of these things together with a multitude of churches.

And we wish to continue that trend.


We thrive every year by the coming  together of many churches 

to help this generation reach for God.

You can have the opportunity to play a huge role in making camp happen!


We are looking for anyone who has graduated high school before the

2017-2018 school year to be a part of the team that

creates and produces every aspect of NOW Camp. 


Together we can make a difference in the lives of hundreds of students. 


NOW Youth Camps is in need of Young Adults to facilitate many of the needs required to make camp happen. 

You will direct, lead, and coordinate very specific areas of camp ranging from the creative, to administrative, to games and activities.

All supporting our NOW Camp Staff.

Here are the specific areas of ministry in which you can apply:

Camp Liaison:
Assigned to Youth Pastors as our representative and/or contact for various needs.

As well as hospitality coordinators for youth pastors, lodge and facilities for any and all activities.

Games & Activities:
Coordinators and referees for any camp games or activities that happen in any of our

various indoor and outdoor environments. 

Audio Production:
Must have extensive knowledge in Audio Production Engineering.

You will be required to produce services, mix audio and setup various audio equipment and instruments.

Media Production:
Lyric, Video, and Graphic Presentation within services. Must have more than basic knowledge within ProPresenter.

Must be able to create and produce service from top to bottom within ProPresenter.

Lighting Production:
Must have more than basic knowledge of lighting design and programming,

you will be expected to create and produce entire services. 

Set & Environment Design, Video/Film Writing & Production, Script & Sketch Writing & Directing.
If you are chosen to be a Creative Director you may be required to attend intern week
June 12th - 16th as well as both weeks of camp. (Additional costs will be required)

To be a director, you must have graduated from high school,

and you must be actively serving/leading at your local church. 

Directors are responsible for finding transportation to and from the camp.

You are required to attend both weeks of camp! 

The cost for each director is the same as the cost per camper.

$600 for both weeks.

Application Deadline: 11:59pm, Friday, May 24th, 2019


If you have any further questions, please contact Pastor Manny Gonzales via email

Click on button directly below to fill out an application. 


The button below is where you can submit an online payment for the

NOW Youth Camp Director Program.



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